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I considered a new cabinet but they were 100$ and mine isn't in bad shape (not to mention the headache of a tear out and replacement)I knew that the brushed nickel spray paint was an option, however I just spent all that time and money putting in chrome. I taped it off, and I also covered up pretty much every surface in the bathroom since I didn't want chrome anywhere else.The brass trim actually wrapped around the door so I also had to spray the interior.I don't know what was up with people in the late 80s and early 90s, but they sure did love brass. )So, here is a quick run down of everything I have de-brassed thus far.Maybe it was a Midas complex and it reminded them of gold, but heavens knows the trend did NOT stand the test of time. Since my house was built in 1988 it has it's fair share of brass. There are a couple of options for dealing with brass fixtures and hardware:1)Remove2)Replace3)Repaint4)Cover up In my house I am doing all four..This past weekend, I came across a brassy little lantern chandelier at the thrift store.I had been looking for something like this for awhile, so when I saw a price tag on the lantern, I think I yelped outloud.The new gold finishes are a bit toned down, or else they are full-on brass that are paired with so much modern that you know it was chosen on purpose to make a statement!

Option 4: Cover Up So after all that, what brass is left in my bathroom? I am not going to paint it (although I could) but instead I am going to use some crown molding and frame out the mirror to make it look less like a sheet of plate glass.

Therefore I had to use a retro trim kit for the actual hardware and splash guard and used a new faucet set for the handle, spout, and showerhead. Let me introduce you to my new best friend: It was nasty, originally brass, but the shellac had come off and it was discolored and peeling.

(this is actually my neighbors door, but mine look a lot like it!

I found that giant chandelier (also originally brass) and decided that it was better than the dark brown ceiling fan that was there before.


To update the chandelier from brass to brushed silver, I used one of my favorite silver spray paints, Rustoleum Titanium Silver (amazon affiliate link).First up: Remove I am taking out as much needless brass to just knock down the sheer volume of the shiny metal in this place. It is a GIANT pain in the butt to bathe your kids in a tub with a door. Second: Replace I am replacing all the fixtures that are outdated and where a coat of paint just won't update it.



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